Raab Flood 4cast (ATHU031)

Raab Flood 4cast ATHU031 Relationship between 1D and 2D models Inundation areas along the Austrian stretch of the Rába, calculated on the basis of prede ned precipitation scenarios Calculated inundation areas Up-to-date Hungarian–Austrian warning and forecast system supporting ood protection in the Rába river basin Database Development and Updating the Model Precipitation Scenarios, Interconnecting Flood Forecast & Inundation Areas In the rst work package of the project, the previously operating warning and forecast system was renewed and further developed. Improvements in hydro- dynamic models have been achieved by incorporating new geometric data as well as the reservoirs which had not been included in the earlier models. In the Austrian territory, hydrological models have been made more accurate with newly calibrated INCA precipitation data and the incorporation of global radia- tion data into snow models. With all these modi cations, the model system for the entire river basin has been recalibrated. Furthermore, the software system has been updated and the hardware system has been upgraded. In the second work package, on the Austrian side, the results of the ood forecast models were inter- connected with the inundation areas extracted from the 2D runo models. Flood scenarios of the pre-prepared 2D runo models are stored in a catalogue system. On the Hungarian side, the warning and forecast system was prepared to deter- mine ood plain runo and water coverage. Inunda- tion areas are calculated in real time on a hydrody- namic basis. This predicted inundation information is available for the organisations responsible for ood management through a warning and forecast system. In Styria and Burgenland, these data will be integrated into management information systems, while in Hungary this information will be used by the Water Directorates, Municipalities and Disaster Management. System operators and users are licensed for use after completing a training providing the appropriate level of knowledge. The Austrian water network of the Rába river basin WORK PACKAGES / OUTPUTS 18 Prior to putting the system into service, the Austrian and Hungarian project partners carried out a joint test practice on 26 May 2020 according to a pre-prepared scenario. The completed forecast systems functioned well and provided an ecient exchange of information for ood management organi- sations in both countries. Documentation was prepared on the course and evaluat ion of the exercise. The partners concluded the “discussion based exercise” successfully, so the completed warning and forecast system was put into service. Pilot Implementation, Flood Protection Exercise, Evaluation, Recommendations The Hungarian water network of the Rába river basin 19 Austrian website Hungarian website 20 21 13 14 15 16 17