Raab Flood 4cast (ATHU031)

Oberwart Kőszeg Sárvár Celldömölk Ajka Pápa Győr Eisenstadt Mattersburg Kapuvár Csorna History In the framework of the earlier Rába forecast projects, we developed a crossborder 1D ood forecast model covering the entire Rába river basin, which produces water level and discharge forecasts for speci c forecast points along the watercourses for the next 6 days. These forecasts are currently available to experts from the organisations responsible for ood protection ( ood and disaster management organisations and institutions), which are evaluated by the experts and then also made available to the public in a speci ed form. Objectives • Update and develop the hydrodynamic and hydrological models in the existing forecast system; update the applied software systems; • Develop an up-to-date warning and forecast system to support the activities of the organi- sations responsible for ood and disaster management; • Conduct a cross-border test run of the warning and forecast system in cooperation with the organisations responsible for ood management New Developments • Calculation and presentation of water level and discharge results in several variations; • Real-time inundation modelling in several variations; • Graphic ood warning system Joint Added Value For the rst time, an EU project will make inundation areas available. The operators of the forecast system and the organisations re sponsible for flood and disaster management will benefit fro m these developments, as it will allow for better coordination of protection measures in the Rába river basin and the best possible protection can be guaranteed for the population and infrastructure affected by floods. 1 2 3 5 4 Raab Flood 4cast ATHU031 Up-to-date Hungarian–Austrian warning and forecast system supporting ood protection in the Rába river basin WORK PACKAGES / OUTPUTS Promotional materials PSG Meeting Project Meetings Management Furthermore: Memorandum, Newsletters, Press releases / Press conferences, Scienti c publications Communication Completed communication activities: Information events Kick-o event Media campaign, Facebook A website providing a continuous ow of information The project management is responsible for the successful strategic and operational implementa- tion of the project. In order to continuously coordinate and evaluate ecient implementation and the progress of the project, the project partners held regular project meetings and expert meetings; the Project Steering Group (PSG) also met several times. The objective, signi cance and results of the project were communicated to the target groups in multiple languages using modern means of communication. 10 11 12 6 7 8 9